Word on the Street: Charles Mitchell Finley, Jr Was Given Probation … Two Weeks Before Raping Elderly Woman

You may of heard of Charles Mitchell Finley, Jr. He broke into a house where he threatened an 80-year-old woman with a hammer then he raped her. Well the 32-year-old scumbag was just in court facing 20+ years on burglary, larceny and other charges a mere couple of weeks before the crime. He pled out to a few and got all the charges dismissed in return for supervisory probation. Nice job on that supervision, by the way.

He also pled guilty to similar crimes in’ 04 and ’06. Looks like he has a record of breaking into homes and cars. That sounds like a drug user to me.

His entry in the public records is three pages long but worth your perusal. Look at his rap sheet by typing his name into this site (you have to check a disclaimer before using it) and tell me this person seemed like a good candidate for avoiding jail. That’s what some judge thought and  a woman was raped because of it. Off topic – arrests and trials are public records so before you come here claiming so and so was never arrested and you’re going to sue me remember I can look it up from my kitchen table.

Same little bird who tipped me off to this told me that dear old dad has an even more extensive criminal history including meth possession (surprise!) and is currently sitting in county on Assault and Battery charges. The poison apple doesn’t fall far from the rotten tree.

Bottom line is this – Finley shouldn’t have been on the streets and he only took two weeks to prove it. Let’s stop hugging these thugs and start putting them away.


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