Word on the Street: Escorts Still Being Robbed – Media and Police Keeping it Quiet?

Theyre easy targets

More likely police and the media don’t even really know since the victims are unlikely to report the crimes unless severe violence was used. However I’m told that escorts are still struggling with being targeted for robberies. Some corroboration comes from the escorts themselves – their ads, placed Backpage who have picked up where the Craigslist left off, make no bones about exclusion polices that include no Blacks, no people under 30 and I’m told that there are several who require references. Some say this last  is to screen out cops but the word I’m hearing is that any “independent operators” are more worried about gangs and pimps.

I doubt there’s ever going to be much reporting on the sleazy underbelly of Greenville County – at least not while the politicians are trying to get more people to move to our family friendly state.

I am still leaning toward the theory that pimps moving in our targeting the girls to make them knuckle under or move on. There are apparently a lot of new girls in town – quite a few setting up shop at a motel on Woodruff rd. It’s believed that many are being pimped out.

Which means “independent” girls are competing with gangs willing to enslave people to make money. Ladies, after your next appointment instead of cocaine you may want to buy some pepper spray.

Alternately if you don’t want to risk being violently assaulted and having the hard earned cash you just earned by performing oral sex on obese, overaged frat boys you could go strip for a living.


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