Word on the Street: L.A. Arsonist Part of OWS

The L.A. Arson wave has destroyed more than 40 cars, damaged several buildings and seems to be escalating. Authorities are on the lookout for a White male driving a white and tan 90s model Lexus ES300, though I suspect this is more of a group effort than a one man war on cars.

The prevailing wisdom is that this is the work of some OWS protesters and many are using the fact that the local media are being pretty sparse on important details like who the victims are, what kind of cars are being targeted, etc as evidence that the left leaning journalists are trying to keep speculation away from this being attacks on the dreaded 1%.

Of course, since OWS is a loose association of various cranks like communists, anarchists, Anonymous and Paulnuts the chances that a serial arsonist in California won’t be found to have at least been sympathetic to OWS are about 0%. It’s almost unfair to pi this on OWS because it’s like pinning cocaine addiction on tiny mirrors and razor blades – they’re simply accessories people use. OWS is the tiny mirror of nihilists and sociopaths.

Anyway, when they catch the guy get ready for some right on left Internet blame about this case. If you’re interested I’m betting either Muslim extremist (burning cars is popular in Muslim sections of France) or radical green


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