Word on the Street: Local Escort Publishing Phone Number of a “Bad John” on Internet

I got this tip with the full link, phone number and a pic of the “escort” but needless to say I’ll be publishing none of those. I thought if the Duke rape case taught people anything it was not to stiff hookers. That’s what some dude apparently did – and now his phone number is on one of the sites “johns” (or whoremongers as they used to be called) use to connect with the working girls. This is third hand but the seems like this guy made a date with a girl, then wasn’t “up to it” if you know what I mean. After trying to make things work awhile the frustrated lady of the evening went to the bathroom at which point the limp Lothario skulked off into the night.

With the money he was supposed to pay her.

Yeah, there’s no money back guarantees on hookers guys. Once you hire them you pay up even if you aren’t satisfied.

Anyway if you’ve skipped out on a hooker recently you may want to change you number.


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