Word on the Street: Local Escorts Targeted by Robbery Gang

About a week ago I got a tip about a string of robberies targeting women who worked as escorts using the now defunct Craigslist Adult Services section as well as the Backpage website and several other online forums. I have been digging into the story and so far I’ve found that several women who arrange “dates” on the Internet have been robbed and almost all the cases involved young African-American men. In some cases there are reports of a woman accompanying the men and waiting in the car.

This has led to some speculation that another escort is helping set up the competition, but I have also heard a rumor that it is a street pimp setting up girls as a way to prove they need a “daddy” to protect them. Neither of these rumors can be confirmed, yet.

Because the majority of these robberies will not be reported it can’t be ruled out that these robberies are simply opportunistic crimes by people who know that a woman setting up a potentially illegal encounter won’t go to the police.

There was a teen named Christine Marie McAbee who was busted as part of a home invasion crew a few years ago who was identified as a Craigslist escort by other escorts. Because she worked with older African-American men in the home invasion attacks (which she is said to have facilitate by setting up “dates”) there is a lot of speculation on the street that she or her crew are involved, but all the descriptions I have of the criminals puts them at a significantly younger age than McAbee’s accomplice.

The few descriptions I could find of the assailants online or through informants were all pretty different so this isn’t one guy.

As far as I know there is no police investigation into this, but one or two robberies and home invasions may have been reported with some details omitted. Be careful out there girls, if you can’t get out of the business than you need to take some real precautions to protect yourself. I personally recommend moving on to stripping or setting up a paysite if you just can’t get out of sex work but now that the thugs know you’re easy targets meeting strangers off the Internet has gotten more dangerous than it already was.


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