Word on the Street: Palmetto Public Record a “Progressive” Funded Smear Operation

A little bird tells me that Logan Smith, a former employee of the left leaning South Carolina NBC affiliate WIS-TV, is not really fulfilling a dream of running an objective political blog to counter wife beating degenerate Will Folks but is in fact receiving money to knowing spread false information about Republican and Conservative politicians in the state in preparation for an attempted political take over of our right leaning state. Allegedly I will say because although I contacted Smith a couple of days ago to get his comment he won’t get back to me. I assume that’s because he’s out looking for rats in his home and office.

This is why Smith was unconcerned about being sued for the story he obviously made up about our governor being indicted – he knows his legal defense fund will be padded out by local and national lefty groups.

He is not alone in being an operative for the radical left. There are many “reporters” and bloggers her that are either being paid or are volunteering for this project which is to create a progressive echo chamber in the state powerful enough to actually sway voters. Smith knew his story would be easily debunked but with the help of people like Folks (who hates Haley and the GOP) and small timers like Tiffany Barkley Smith knew that the retractions would never reach as wide an audience as the original charges. And like most progressives he thinks the majority of us are stupid so we’ll never find him out.

My little bird also tells me that PPR’s very active comment section is also made of shills and sock puppets. You will find many of the same people saying the same or similar things at similar websites who happen to have the same masters. It’s almost like there are people who are paid by the left to sit around all day on the web making their opinions seem more popular than they are. That is how modern “liberal” groups online work after all.

More interesting is the chirping surrounding how PPR funds itself. Are they using their anonymous donation button as a way for certain groups that are required to remain non-partisan for taxes purposes to fund online smear campaigns? There a few people who think that’s exactly what’s happening. Again, Smith hasn’t got back to me so I don’t know how he justifies leaving a real job to run a blog. I’ve run blogs for years, several in fact some of which are fairly high traffic. Even with selling ads on pages, my precious Amazon affiliate links and adsense I still freelance to make ends meet.

Smith just stopped working to run a blog and as someone I might have talked to who might know him quite well said he ain’t losing no weight. Makes you wonder.

Now I’m not going to say that Smith uses his sweet libel money to affiliate with drug dealers, “masseuses” and other bad actors willing to rat him out to a ruggedly handsome crime blogger. I will say that if I was dumping millions of dollars into a state to create a strong progressive movement I’d make sure all that money was actually accounted for before giving it to people who think drugs, prostitution and child porn should be made legal. Besides their are plenty disgruntled former co-workers, bitter ex-lovers and not so political people who work at political organizations just to make money who like to tips off a person running a website devoted to corruptions and crime. Allegedly Smith is the kind of guy people line up to screw over, because he’s “kind of a douche” as one tipster put it.

I have some other rumors about Smith and PPR coming out later this week after I check into the more salacious things I’ve heard. Maybe he’ll have a comment then.


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