Word on the Street: “Rampant Drug Use” at Hollingsworth Park at Verdae

The Hollingsworth Park at Verdae development promises home owners a quaint village that Norman Rockwell might fine saccharin. Ultimately the town within a town will include not only high end housing for the newcomers to South Carolina but shops and other amenities that will guarantee those rich transplants won’t have to mingle overmuch with the rest of the hoi polloi. The average price for a home there will be $500,000.

All in all it is an idyllic, insular community. Or it will be when it’s finished.

And therein lies the problem. Half finished homes and a park that was built prior to the project being completed (and which is open to the public, a deal the developers made with the city in exchange for some tax breaks I hear) make Hollingsworth little more than an isolated playground for anyone looking for privacy after dark. A tipster emailed me to claim that the majority of people making use of the area are getting high. The term that was used was “rampant drug use.”

I decided to check out the park section myself yesterday for evidence that this is true. While taking a stroll with the Mrs. I did see a dime bag or two laying around, but frankly these days I’m sure you find dime bags everywhere.

Not that you’re supposed to be there after dark, but if you are it’s worth noting that you may run into people under the influence of various substances. It’s also likely that as more people realize how much privacy the area affords it will become either a “cruising” spot (where gay men troll for anonymous sex) or a hot spot for prostitution.


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