Word on the Street: “Sex Party Teacher” Audrey Grabarkiewicz Seen Babysitting!

Remember Audrey Grabarkiewicz? She’s the pre-school teacher who along her child molester friend Sarah Lindsay was caught hosting drug and sex parties where children went to get high and have sex with the two skank. Grabarkiewicz, or whatever her name is now since her husband divorced her, somehow beat the rap and got no jail time.

Of course she was only charged with contributing and not any sex crimes so I’ve always assumed she rolled on her pervert friend who had been charged with sex crimes where the victims were between 11-14.

Regardless of how that case went down I was surprised when a tipster told me that Audrey is now working as a babysitter for some other skank who allows the now down on her luck  party girl to stay with her. I’m also told that the mother of the year who allows a woman who plied pre-teens with drugs and alcohol so her friend could molest them spends time “partying” with Audrey. You’ll apparently see them in the nightclubs together.

I found a forum page where some of the “sexts” she sends to guys (notice I didn’t say men) are available. The ones that aren’t x-rated anyway. A middle age woman who sends nude pics of herself to random dudes seems like a good choice for a babysitter. I urge anyone who knows this person to call CPS.


5 Responses to “Word on the Street: “Sex Party Teacher” Audrey Grabarkiewicz Seen Babysitting!”

  1. Bill Chapman on September 30th, 2012 5:01 am

    Who in the heck do you think you are. Let me ask you this??? When did “The Man Above get off His Throne today and let you be Judge and prosector?

    Besides, one of the escorts you are seeing told me you like porn, have a tiny dick and you are a very insecure man. Go figure, You fit the figure, because you have to put everyone else down to feel good about yourself.

    BTW….What kind of car do you drive? Please respond. Bill Chapman

  2. Rob Taylor on September 30th, 2012 6:17 pm

    You’re asking who am I to judge a CHILD MOLESTER?

    Look, this whole no one should judge bullshit is a just a way criminals try to guilt people into turning a blind eye. This skank helped another molest children – she doesn’t have a right to have people not judge her for that.

    Now, I don’t see escorts, I think porn is too violent nowadays and I’m not insecure. I just hate people who abuse children. Now if I wasn’t married and it was legal maybe I would see an escort. That’s not MOLESTING CHILDREN. I like porn as much as the next guy. That’s not MOLESTING CHILDREN.

    Maybe you feel good about defending child sexual exploitation but I assure you it is not to feel good about myself that I blog about it. I blog about it because it’s wrong and people like you defend it.

    I’m a avid hiker so I don’t actually drive around much – you can find me puttering around Mauldin in a camouflage cowboy hat and with a blackthorn walking stick if you’re trying to insinuate you want to throw down to protect the honor of the gutterslut whore you think shouldn’t be judged for giving children drugs and either molesting them or allowing another adult to do so. If you do see me driving around it’s in a Honda accord.

  3. Svenghooli on September 30th, 2012 10:03 pm

    She sure likes her Big Girl Panties doesn’t she? I’d let her suck my dick, but thats it….call me..

  4. Paul on January 20th, 2013 10:56 pm

    This broad is fucking awesome. She’s no child molester. I wish I’d known this chick when I was that age. You must be a giant closeted homosexual if you think this chick abused ANYBODY. It’s not like she was fucking 5 year olds. Those guys knew what they were doing and they were probably having the time of their life.

  5. Rob Taylor on January 21st, 2013 12:05 am

    You think banging 11-year-olds is not child molestation?

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