Word on the Street: Suspicious Character Spotted in Mauldin Sub-Divisions

I’m not sure what this guy is up to but it’s safe to assume it’s no good. A concerned citizen left this comment on my post called 13 Things a Burglars Won’t Tell You:

Thanks for this, also be on the look out for another one of these ‘good samaritans’;
- late 20’s (possibly early 30’s)
- around 5′6″ (could be shorter as my door step is raised, so it’s hard to properly judge height)
- buzz cut but with a receeding hairline
- dirty blonde/sandy hair
- seen twice in sub-division in Mauldin

He’s been to my house twice; first time he practically forced his way in when I wasn’t paying attention and was offering cheap artwork for sale… second time my wife answered and he was offering to clean out the gutters, saw me and then quickly left.

Keep your eyes open Mauldin, this guy is up to something.


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