Word on the Street: “Tantric Goddesses” are Probably “Sex Workers”

Kind of a rain is wet, sky is blue revelation but apparently we have enough naive hippies running around that there are some women who are upset because they just found out their husband/boyfriend/booty call is getting more than a massage and some new age hooey when they pay up to $950 for nine hours worth of “sessions” at Tantric Treat. How are those sessions described?

Essence Tabtra sessions are for those who desire to be immersed in yummy, bliss-filled energy while developing a person/partner practice through integration of a variety of spiritual/sexual practices.

Do you need to be a detective to figure out they’re talking about handjobs? Apparently some people do.

Now I’ve never been to Tantric Treats of Asheville, NC and I’m sure it’s run by a nice lady who’s not a Madam:

I’m sure the stable of ladies working there are true believers in healing sexual energy and I’m not criticizing their beliefs or even their business. But ladies if your man is looking into Tantric sessions he’s putting the word in quotes and looking for a handjob. That’s just the truth.

And if that were not a good part of their clientele they wouldn’t have an advertisement in the Adult Services section of Backpage.

Now I’m going to surprise some of you by pointing out that at least this place isn’t one of the brothels where illegal immigrants and runaways are held against their will and raped by dozens of clients a day. The crime blogger in me doesn’t think this is a big deal and even were I to get on my moral high horse (which I do quite frequently) I happen to think that consenting adults rubbing each other while burning incense and misunderstanding the original concept of the Left Hand Path is hardly anything to get upset over. However my male readers should take note that I’m probably more tolerant than your wives or girlfriends.

Maybe you should clear your browser history if you partake in the “sacred sexuality” of North Carolina Tantrics if you have a disapproving other half, lest I continue to be inundated with email tips by wrathful, scorned women.

Anyway, these people seem like harmless enough new agers trying to make a buck so I am loathe to really put the bad mouth on them, especially since they take clients away from the human trafficking organizations that are infesting Greenville, Asheville and every big city in America. But if woman advertises in the Adult Services section with pictures of her in lingerie or less, she is at best a “sex worker” but more often than not a hooker. While Tantric Treats makes clear that they are not an escort service and that they don’t have sex with clients in their FAQ, they do mention that their may be genital touching during your session. This sounds like a handjob to me.

Also, they advertise in the Adult Services section on Backpage.

Anyway – stay out of there married/committed guys.

UPDATE: The first photo was removed because the person depicted thought objected to her image being used in a story about her. Assuredly she also objects to “people” using it in the adult services section of Backpage. All you people pretending to be her should be ashamed!


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  1. Trench Reynolds on August 31st, 2011 11:49 pm

    I disagree Rob. I believe there is a whole lot of sex going on at this place beyond the ol’ tug and rub. I noticed that a lot of the stuff on their website are just rephrasings of the ‘disclaimers’ that are used in a lot of backpage ads.

  2. Rob Taylor on August 31st, 2011 11:58 pm

    I was trying to be nice because people in Asheville are more prone to crying. If they’re not being trafficked I don’t really care what hooke … I mean Tratric Goddesses … are doing. But someone’s old lady does.

    Looking at the disclaimers though you might be right – but the whole “sacred sex” thing actually is pretty open in the Pagan community. I’m betting more than one of these women literally has no idea she’s a hooker.

  3. DodiaFae on September 1st, 2011 2:51 am

    I’m betting more than one of these women literally has no idea she’s a hooker.

    I had to laugh at that. Really. But I wouldn’t be surprised, either.

  4. Loup on September 1st, 2011 12:50 pm

    I need to find out if this place offers gift cards….. Merry Christmas Dad!

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  6. All I wanted was a regular massage, mam. on May 24th, 2012 2:16 am

    I have been to one of these places in asheville and yes, the tantric ‘ceremony’ includes having the goddess take all of your clothes off, bathe you, then give you what they politely call a lymbic massage. Its a fancy name for a hand job to orgasm. I have no idea how they get around the law with this and I walked out of there thinking the cops here writing down my plate and photographing me. I guess they claim some kind of pseudo religious exemption. They say they do massage, calling it tantric massage, and the laws of NC do classify it as bodywork so the General Statutes for massage licensing should apply. I didnt see a license anywhere. They would get busted in a heartbeat if the cops ran a sting operation on them.

  7. Rob Taylor on May 24th, 2012 2:40 pm

    Wow, thanks for the tip

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  9. Dave on June 23rd, 2012 12:46 pm

    I am quite disheartened by this smear article you have run, and I hope that you will take the time to read my response. I cannot speak for everyone who claims to be a “tantric goddess,” but I can speak for the ones mentioned in this blog.
    I am a veteran of Afghanistan. It took me a year after my return to finally even admit or acknowledge that my experiences had led to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Doctors threw me mind-numbing prescriptions, and therapists could not break through the walls I had built as a result of my trauma. A short blurb in “Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder,” by Stanley Krippner, PH.D suggested that tantra is a practice that PTSD sufferers should try. It was my last resort, this is true. I had not previously considered anything like this, but I was in a dark place and willing to try anything.
    What I experienced in my session was a re-birth of myself. All of the elements of my session exposed the roots of my issues, led me to find true self once again, a self I thought I could never recover. Although I still struggle with the symptoms of PTSD, and probably will for the rest of my life, tantra has introduced me to exercises and techniques that help me overcome my episodes in a way that pills and traditional therapy have failed. I hope that you will reconsider such slanderous speech, as tantric services come from a place of love and compassion, not the lust and sex you are making it out to be.

  10. Rob Taylor on June 23rd, 2012 3:07 pm

    If they’re not passing out hand jobs why do they advertise on the adult services section of Backpage?

  11. David on July 3rd, 2012 3:30 pm

    What hyocrites. You all remind me of the people around Jesus who brought to him a woman “taken in the very act” of adultery. Come on, you mean to tell me that a guy astute enough to use the website and navigate to Backpage for a “bodyrub” was so stupid to not know that something besides a massage was going on? No word on whether he left in outrage before or after his release. In case it escaped your attention, Jesus’s strongest denunciations were for guys just like you. I will pray for your repentance.

  12. Rob Taylor on July 3rd, 2012 7:59 pm

    Not a Christina myself but thanks for the prayers. However unless I’m either hiring hookers or giving out hand jobs for pay (I’m not) how exactly would I be a hypocrite? I think the word doesn’t mean what you think it means.

  13. Melissa on January 9th, 2013 8:51 am

    I am extremely concerned to read the account of a war veteran with PTSD who has been receiving “tantric massages” from these ladies.

    IME many “tantric goddesses” are indeed trafficked by cults that brainwash the women to believe that they are burning bad karma, accelerating the spiritual development of the planet or some other nonsense by working as a “sacred sexual healer”. Many of these women do not identify as sex workers and believe themselves to be genuine practitioners of sacred arts.

    The word “essence” in the brand name is usually a signifier of the very dangerous Russian criminal cult Ashram Shambala, a huge transnational criminal network involved in a diverse range of criminal activities including child abuse, the production of illegal pornography, sexual violence, blackmail, drug trafficking, real estate fraud, bank fraud, the fraudulent treatment of cancer, AIDS and other patients and industrial and political espionage.

    Patrons of such establishments are at high risk of blackmail, deception and other abuses as well as at high risk of STIs including HIV.

    Ashram Shambala and other similar cults (there are many) are especially interested in targeting people working in the military and in law enforcement, for obvious reasons.

    The government really needs to act swiftly and decisively to stop this evil, also war veterans deserve better than to have to resort to this kind of establishment to help deal with PTSD

  14. Rob Taylor on January 9th, 2013 1:00 pm

    Melissa, Get in touch with me via the contact form. i’d like to know more about this cult.

  15. slider on January 10th, 2013 3:09 pm

    Wow, some people are lost! You guys are condemning people and making up stories, simply because you believe differently then they do. I am very familiar with Tantric practices, and yes they are very educational practices. A cult?, really?!?! I’m not sure where are getting your info but you may wanna check there sources a little closer.

  16. slider on January 10th, 2013 3:11 pm

    Oh and for the record, yes you can get a ” body rub” without anything shady going on. It sounds to me like people are making a lot of assumptions,,,,,,,

  17. Prema on February 27th, 2013 2:08 pm

    If you have not had a session you don’t know what happens in one of them. The tantiras stay clothed and this is a spiritual therapeutic path of presence and healing. Not prostitution. To help one clear any emotional and physical blocks. You should check out the web site and Denise has extensive training around the world as a psychologist and a sexologist. This is her spiritual path which has nothing to do with sex, but dissolving the ego. You should look up the true history. She works with couples to stay together and sexually abuse clients. Her practice is invaluable and a service to mankind and no one else is doing it. Making assumption is just plain wrong when you don’t understand something don’t assume. The reason one has to advertise under body rubs is because there are not many places to advertise and they do use body base modalities. Not for what you have implied.

  18. Rob Taylor on February 27th, 2013 4:17 pm

    Good point. And how do I know that a mauling from a bear will hurt unless I try it. It’s not like people are designed to contextualize and understand information, right?

    I didn’t post a vulgar video out there of a Tantric provider talking about prostate massage (and demonstrating it) where she admits that “fluid’ will come out and people “may” experience orgasm. In other words you pay her, she fingers you until you come – spiritual or not illegal in South Carolina.

  19. Dom on August 14th, 2013 4:27 pm

    Wow. Americans have such childish ideas about sex. I love the fact that one of the people leaving comments here is hypocritical enough to get on his moral soap box after having actually been a client at the establishment in question!! If you aren’t a practitioner of tantra and/or don’t understand tantra, then you have no business patronizing such an establishment in the first place. I have practiced tantra (personally) for many years. In tantric massage and tantric bodywork, orgasm is not the goal. Some people choose to do so, but the goal is to raise sexual energy for the purpose of healing. This practice, that although it utilizes the type of energy that is raised during sexual arousal is not in fact reliant on sexual acts of any kind to be performed. In fact, if any of you knew anything about non-Judeo-Christian spirituality or even if you had even the tiniest bit of information about massage, you might realize that penis massage is just one of many valid professional modalities that is regulated and that requires a license just as all other modalities of healing and massage do. It is not “dirty,” the women and men who perform it are not “prostitutes,” and it falls into the exact same categories that massage, reiki, and laying on of hands do. The only reason that anyone would possibly consider tantric healing of any kind to be “dirty” is simple misunderstanding and a lack of understanding of one’s own personal sexual, spiritual and energetic nature. It truly saddens me to see people being so vulgar and childish simply because they feel threatened by their own sexual nature.

  20. Dee on August 19th, 2013 10:21 am

    Thank you for posting this article. I am a certified bodyworker and I can’t afford regular advertisements so I post ads on Back Page. So many people think that JUST because I post in the THERAPEUTIC section of massage that I basically a hooker its ridiculous and insulting. I came across this post trying to learn more about the Tantra Goddess gig because I too suspect that they are hookers in disguise who get away with advertising in the therapeutic section. Several times per year one will come to town on a visit and stay for two weeks to a month and then go back where ever they came from. Why do that if they are not hookers because that is exactly what the hookers over in escorts do. I do not object to prostitution, but I DO object to people besmirching my vocation by using it to disguise theirs. The law states that taking money to penetrate another with any part of yourself or even an object of any kind IS PROSTITUTION. I have numerous men call for bodywork and then get there and ask for a handjob and guess what? They are mostly middle aged married men! $100 bucks says their women know not what their husbands are doing and would consider the act of getting a hand job adultery. Oh, and it goes both way although the number are more like 100 to 1 that women too will seek and handjob. Ladies and gentlemen, take it from someone in the massage industry…this is bigger than you could ever imagine. The men who frequent the Chinese places are definitely getting handjobs. They have told me that the massages aren’t all that good (FYI the women are NOT certified or licensed due to a legal loophole concerning the test not being in their native language so they get to plop down $100 bucks for a legitimate “license” to do bodywork with ZIP schooling)that the places are not always all that clean, the women can’t speak English, they do bait and switch tactics (young girl takes you in and leaves then an old one comes in to give you your HJ) or just haggle for “extra” services and then don’t deliver using their supposed language barrier and the bouncer/owner to back them up. If there is a table shower advertised…that’s where the sex acts go down if it didn’t happen in the room. Its nasty and there is no telling what these men are exposing themselves to. I have started wearing a product used in the healthcare system by Dr.s and nurses called liquid gloves when I work because there is no way for me to know who has been frequenting those places or not. Its gross. Please don’t judge people because they advertise on BP. About half in the therapeutic listings are legit. I wish BP would do a better job of making them move over to the escorts, but they do not. If only two of you report their ads..you know the Chinese “spas” who post professional pictures of obvious models that look more like tweens and the women in bikinis, stripper heels, and lingerie who are calling themselves massage therapists…you can get their ads pulled. Personally I think these “tantra goddesses” know exactly what they are doing. Why else would they post nearly naked pics of themselves and advertise their bodies??? Don’t be naive. PTSD guy…maybe you just felt better because you got some attention or got your rocks off with no doubt a pretty woman who made you feel better and there is nothing wrong with that except that IF she touched your genitals for money…she’s a prostitute.And guys, don’t even try to that “consensual adults” crap.Every man who has ever tried to get me to give him a HE has chirped that nonsense. IT WILL GET YOU ARRESTED ladies with licenses. I read recently that instead of just busting the whores in the parlors the cops are thinking to start busting the clientele too. Maybe that will make men think twice about how much a HE is worth. Go home and fix it with your wives! If she doesn’t want you anymore (can’t imagine why) then get a divorce so you can whoremonger in peace and don’t spread disease or continue to cheapen my vocation. Thank you for reading.

  21. Jason K on November 4th, 2013 11:21 pm

    First, let me preface by stating that I have had such a massage (without paying) from the woman depicted in your article and in the fashion one of you so eloquently describe as a ceremony. I have also been trained by her to give such a massage to women (and men for that matter). Also, let me also mention that I am a trained massage therapist (not licensed) and am just as concerned with how this is viewed as I am about my livelihood. Perhaps this information will comfort you all a little knowing that I know exactly to what I am referring.

    On to my thoughts and feelings on the subject…

    I feel that as a culture, the western concept of sexuality and sensuality is a bit obtuse. Nobody wants to talk about and appreciate these topics publicly, at least when it comes to anything other than the “normal” perspective of monogamy. Any other way of life outside this ideal could be seen as questionable, objectionable, and even despised by the intolerant and hateful. That being said, let us question why our culture feels this way instead of putting blame on others for behaving in ways we might not ourselves.

    Sharing sexuality with others is a choice.

    I would never pay for such a service, but neither would I judge or shame anyone else for doing so. I might even offer such a service in the course of my profession. If I do it will be because I feel confident in what I am offering, to whom I am performing these services for, and in no way will I sacrifice my safety in doing so.

    Dee, thank you for sharing your thoughts as a massage therapist. I completely understand and appreciate why you feel the way you do. Being propositioned the way you have while you are offering a medical service can be very insulting and degrading to those of us wanting to provide our community with meaningful and appreciated bodywork. Let your constitution be an example for everyone to admire and use within their own framework of morality. My only thought would be to let others create their own framework and try not to force your perspective onto anyone else. Because the truth is that not everyone in your profession feels the same way.

    To everyone else in this thread, it saddens me that some of you are as critical as you are to people you don’t know. Even some of you that speak of ignorance and misunderstanding about the subject show a bit of contempt for others with your words. Let us not call others names or make judgements upon them for not being as (self-proclaimed) enlightened as you think you may be.

    Everyone walks their own path as their own pace from their own point of view. Nobody can take that away from anyone else. The truth is that regardless of whether this behavior is legal or not, or whether you find it moral or not, we should be working to make it as safe as possible for everyone involved. Let us educate our children, families, and communities with fact and let individuals form their own opinions on the subject so that they may better regulate their own behavior.

    If anyone would like to contact me, please do so. It would be a pleasure to converse about the subject as long as it can be an objective conversation. Be well.

  22. Rob Taylor on November 5th, 2013 3:39 am

    Let me respond with three quick points:
    1) You don’t seem to know what obtuse means.

    2) Pretension isn’t a substitute for education or intelligence. But most importantly –

    3) Your views on Western sexual morality might be interesting in a freshman women’s studies class but here they are irrelevant. Taking money to perform an act that leads to getting some guy off is literally prostitution, which is illegal here. If you want to fight to legalize prostitution go ahead, but let’s not pretend that spirtual gurus advertise in the escort sections of backpage for a service that includes getting a sucker to drop a load. I call the guy a sucker because they can get a common street walker to do the exact same thing for a few $20s and a small investment in incense, oils and book from B&N that will teach them to describe the act of having a hot chick stick a finger in your ass in the turgid, pompous, pseudo-intellectual new ager gibberish people like you pick up from classes at the adult ed centers of the world.

  23. Ananda on April 16th, 2014 11:20 pm

    I practice Tantra myself, and although I do not offer “handjobs,” I advertise in the adult section of BP and Eros. Men mostly go there looking for sexual entertainment, this is accurate. However, it’s not really what they are looking for. They THINK it’s what they are looking for, but sexual entertainment is a cheap, stale balm offering temporary solace to a deeper need.

    If men or women are just looking to “get off,” they don’t contact me. The one’s I see are looking for a deeper experience, and don’t expect sexual release. I make it VERy clear that that’s not what I offer.

    I offer an opportunity for them to learn to slow down, be vulnerable and learn to receive without taking control. I teach them that the key to having their female partners respond to them, is them beginning to turn inward and let down their guard, and feel their feelings.

    To be quite honest, In many ways I perform “a bait and switch” when I advertise on BP and Eros. I advertise using sensual photos but that’s only because that’s what attracts men’s attention.

    They do not touch me, and do not interact with me sexually at all. Yes, their entire body is included in the bodywork, but never for the purpose of genital release. Actually, that usually doesn’t even happen.

    Those of us who truly teach Tantra are tending to the deeper emotional needs of the men and women with which we work. And although many wives of g/f’s would disapprove, we are assisting in having their men be more available and connected sexually.

    We don’t do this through manipulating men’s addictions, but through giving them a safe space in which to begin to examine their sexual patterns and to create new ones, not based in control and domination.

    With all that said, I’d say that those of use who work the way I work are in the top 10% of those who say they practice Tantra. Most are, as you say, just prostitutes.

  24. Ananda on April 16th, 2014 11:22 pm

    Please excuse the typos in my previous comment. I hit SEND before I checked it. *embarrassed*

  25. Paul on October 18th, 2015 9:45 pm

    I know you’re proud of the expose, but why not just leave people alone, as in consenting adults? NC has enough right wing insane Christian crap intruding in peoples’ lives. Really sad.

  26. Anne on December 5th, 2015 12:18 pm

    I have read books on Tantra and been to group workshops other places. I endorse Tantra for the healing and non-sexual meditation. However, I do not think I could get a session at this place. Asheville is a small town. People talk. I have heard a girl talk about working here, and what a blessing it is. I have also heard the opposite from women that used to work here. They get $50 and the other $250 goes to Denise, the owner, for “temple” expenses. That is more like pay an illegal Asian girl would get paid not a massage therapist or yoga teacher. Do hand jobs or sex occur? Yes, hand jobs occur but for healing not for fun- at least that is what the girls think. Sex?? Eventually, some of the women saw it was mostly for men not getting any action at home not because they wanted to learn Tantra. Anyone can see on tantricretreat.com website that they charge $300 for a session. When you can get a regular massage with energy work done for $60, you know something more is going on. I would hope women would not have sex for $50. I am not against prostitution. I have lived places where it is legal. I do not like that this place takes advantage of the girls. Calling it a cult seems too far though. I have heard nothing like that. Why can this place not be a legit Tantra teaching business not just about massage and hand job place? I know they have some good workshops but I can not bring myself to attend. I can totally see the relaxation techniques and massage helping the man with PTSD.

  27. victor on January 8th, 2016 4:58 pm

    Hi this is victor …. I want to have service tantra

  28. Dinah on April 8th, 2016 12:32 pm

    To the readers,

    I am a Tantra teacher and I have known about this article for a few years. Up to this point I have chosen to ignore the trolls, but to think that good people might actually believe this vitriol has inspired me to at least leave a comment.

    The practice of Tantra in the US is still obviously maturing. On one hand y’all are right, there are a lot of women using the word to attract prostitution and erotic massage clients. On the other hand, there are many legitimate practitioners of these arts, including the community at Tantric Retreat, who are teaching people about mindfulness, body awareness, and sacred sexuality with a deep integrity.

    As a community these legitimate teachers and healers deserve recognition for the lives that they positively affect, even if it seems foreign and strange to you. Advertising on back page is a common practice because healing touch is a part of most sessions and not everyone who reads those ads is a creepy weirdo. To diminish this work down to “hand jobs” shows either a clear misunderstanding of the work or shows that someone needs to seek out a different practitioner.

    I’m tempted to address Anne’s falsities and gossip about Tantric Retreat, but those who actually know these women well, know that Anne is wrong about the pay structure, and the other folks are wrong about the prostitution allegations. Anne and many others are wrong to think that Denise is taking advantage of this community of WOMEN (not girls).

    High quality shamanic, energetic, soul-healing practitioners often have high rates. There are a lot of reasons for that. You get what you pay for- especially in a field where there truly is the risk of finding a prostitute instead of a real teacher.

    If someone reading this is considering a session, do your own research instead of believing other people’s awkwardly hateful rhetoric. Call Tantric Retreat to find out who these women really are, despite the smear campaign. Beyond TR, there are also plenty of other truly amazing teachers of these ancient practices.

    I’d like to make myself available to anyone who has genuine questions, but I am honestly afraid of posting my contact info here because of internet trolls.

    Thanks for your consideration, Folks. Ever Forward!

  29. Gary Stamper on May 4th, 2016 10:59 pm

    If a woman who works there doesn’t “know she’s a hooker, maybe she’s not….on the other hand, if some patriarchal ***hole thinks she is, then maybe she is…at least in the judgemental jerk’s eyes.

    Whose problem is this? Hers or yours. Grow up, be a man.

  30. Rob Taylor on May 8th, 2016 3:30 am

    If you get paid to stick a finger in a dude’s ass until he cums, sometimes with “extra stimulation” you’re a hooker.

  31. amber on August 5th, 2016 8:48 pm

    Denise is anything but a prostitute. Her healing, loving touch and intuition has been an amazing gift that is priceless. We accomplished in a couple of sessions what 30 plus years of traditional counseling could not. Memories/emotions are stored in our bodies and can only be released with careful touch. Yes, it can be in erotic areas that these things are stored but, without her understanding and creating a safe space for old wounds to surface and be processed I would have been stuck in the past forever.
    So, no, this is not prostitution. It is about genuine caring, healing, and learning. It is very painful to me for you to think this about such a loving caring person in such negative terms.

  32. Rachel on September 11th, 2016 5:46 pm

    I agree with Dinah, Amber and Gary above. The healing arts goal is to awaken the mind body spirit connection. If someone unintentionally is aroused during a session- why is that a problem. The goal of these healing touch therapies is to teach body awareness – apart of that is balancing self control and freedom. In this country We have the freedom to have sexual intercourse with consenting adults. So why is there a need to investigate any “possible” prostitution? If a client willing asks for any service and participates in said service- why should anyone else be concerned??? Also worth mentioning there are some prude wives who consider a simple Smile at another woman a form a cheating. Some people even consider flirting adultery – so of course the same traditional “prudes” will consider tantra a form of promiscuity- even though that’s not the case. I generally feel the prostitution laws should be rewritten to reflect the current year. We are not living in prohibition anymore. It is time to reevaluate cultural norms and sexism….Peace and Light to All

  33. Rob Taylor on September 11th, 2016 7:24 pm

    Then why charge money if it’s spiritual?

  34. abc on September 15th, 2016 3:04 pm

    who gives a shit if they’re passing out handjobs

  35. ia on January 22nd, 2017 8:13 pm

    Exactly.. its just sexual pleasure. As long as no one is being hurt why do you care? Its always the self-righteous people like the author of this page who end up being the closeted pervs of the world. Take that woman’s picture down!

  36. Amy Allen on June 13th, 2017 11:34 pm

    As a licensed therapeutic massage therapist and graduate of a local school, I am grateful for this article differentiating between tantric and therapeutic massage.
    I would like to point out that you are incorrect in assuming the women are there consensually. I was groomed and introduced to tantra in massage school. Urged to take tantric healing classes outside of school and urged to be more friendly with co-workers and employers in high end spas. When I saw where it was going and refused I was gaslighted by the massage community into believing it was my past trauma keeping me from being “in the moment”. When I spoke out to the community I was black listed from being hired as my boss and his rich friends began running a smear campaign to silence me. I was an easy target being a single mother with no support group. They even have a somatic psychologist on staff at the school that twists the minds of the targets.
    I am convinced from my experience that there is a part of a much greater sex trafficking problem in the community.
    However, I lack evidence to back it up. I went to Our Voice and was given the same “past trauma” spiel so I didn’t pursue prosecution. Mostly because I am outnumbered and the businesses work together to cover up the sex work and gaslight any therapist who speaks out against it.

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