WSPA Hates Methodists!

WSPA has novel coverage a prostitution sting that netted 14 Greenville residents. Breaking from the longstanding local tradition of releasing a list of names to shame those involved reporters decided to keep 13 of the arrestees anonymous and shaming just one:

GREENVILLE COUNTY, S.C. — During an undercover prostitution sting in Greenville County over the weekend, deputies arrested 14 people, including an Upstate pastor.

The prostitution reversal operation took place on Friday and Saturday.  Friday’s sting took place near Interstate 85 and Augusta Road.

The men accused were cited for prostitution or loitering to engage in prostitution.

They included Michael Wolfe, a pastor at Advent Methodist Church off Woodruff Road.

Fourteen arrests were made Friday and 34 on Saturday.

So in total there were 58 or so people arrested in this sting and only the pastor of a local Methodist church gets a mention? No one else interesting was picked up? And why, as a tipster asked in an email, was it necessary to cover his arrest in depth complete with mugshot anyway?

As I told that person it’s obvious WSPA hates Methodists! Understandable, I personally hate Universal Unitarians because it’s not a real religion. It’s not like a reporter with some sort of political agenda or cultural bias would use prostitution stings to smear Christians, right? I mean there’s no big “culture war” going on between liberals and Christians nowadays is there?


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