WYFF: Family of Armed Robber “Seeking Answers” in His Death … During a Robbery

16-year-old Michael Shaquille Davidson was one of three teenagers who walked into Sonny’s Restaurant on Cherokee Avenue around 3:00am armed with handguns and looking to rob the joint. Just an hour or so later the teen lay dead at the Spartanburg Regional Medical Center. As the three concluded their robbery two clerks on duty at the place pulled pistols and defended themselves, shooting all three. Davidson ran to a local residence after being shot instead of surrendering and waiting for help, a delay that cost him his life.

His two friends are both expected to survive.

It seems cut and dried. Three gunmen shot down by potential victims who didn’t know if the trio would or wouldn’t kill them. In South Carolina this type of shooting is justified.

The family of Davidson, grieving and perhaps deserving of our condolences if not sympathy, have started to claim that their son was shot in the back, and that he “didn’t need to die” in an indictment of the clerks. At the risk of receiving another C&D letter from WYFF, read this little section of their report which is titled Family of Teen Shot, Killed Seeks Answers:

“I just want to see justice for my cousin. He was shot down like a dog,” said Alex Davidson.

“From what I’m getting, they was running. They was leaving the store; running out of the store,” said the teen’s uncle and namesake, Michael Davidson. “So I mean, if they was running out of the store, why would you shoot them in the back?”

Several family members said they had heard that Davidson and the other two teens had been shot in the back.

Problem is that isn’t true. WYFF itself reports that the coroner is saying the teen was shot in the chest not the back. He was facing the people who shot him. Of course, no where in this interview where the Davidson family is allowed to weave a conspiracy theory does the reporter ask the proper questions.

Why was a 16-year-old out at 3:00 in the morning with a gun? Why was he robbing stores? Was he in trouble before?

I understand the sensitivity needed to deal with a grieving family, but their son was robbing a store at gunpoint. The “answers” to why he was shot and killed are right there but the reporter allowed the family to use their outlet to claim the robber was a victim of some trigger happy lunatic. This is rotten reporting at best, but in reality it was WYFF playing accomplice to an attempt to create animosity among the Black community by using loaded metaphors like Davidson being shot down like an animal.

There is clearly a political bias at work here, and attempt even when the facts were obvious make this a story that fits into a class/race warfare paradigm where evil, racist clerks at a store shoot some innocent kid. The problem is the kid was already an armed robber. How did they know he wasn’t a soon to be murderer?

WYFF rightfully keeps personal judgments out of reporting on Davidson, but the people Davidson robbed and terrorized at gunpoint don’t get the same consideration. Why?


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