YouthBASE Director Bobby Caples is a Filthy Pervert!

Bobby Caples of Greenville YouthBASE
image of Bobby Caples via Greenville HD

I worked in after school programs for a while before becoming a full time Web content developer and there was nothing that we watched for more than perverts. I worked in YMCAs and we had strict rules in place to prevent even the hint of impropriety, including not letting adults be alone with children or groups of children, not allowing children to be alone with even multiple adults etc. We did this because it was well known that perverts showed up to get access children. I once had to hire a summer camp staff and there were several people who showed up that I wouldn’t hire because they set off alarm bells. They were too interested in kids (when I started working with children I just wanted a job that left me time to do my graduate course work and told the person interviewing me just that – I was hired on the spot) or had reservations about being fingerprinted. When you’re entrusted with other people’s children you cannot be too careful.

So reports that YouthBASE director Bobby Caples was just pinched molesting two children he was asked to care for (hopefully by family members and not by YouthBASE clients) makes me think either Caples is the most patient pervert ever or the YouthBASE staff is not as aware of who they work with as they should be:

GREENVILLE, SC- Greenville Police investigators have arrested the director of a youth program and charged him with committing lewd acts on minors.

Police arrested Robert Francis Caples, 29, of 14 Atwood St., Apt. 1, in Greenville, and charged him with two counts of committing a lewd act upon children under the age of 16, criminal sexual misconduct of a minor under age 11 and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. According to a prepared statement from the Police Department, Caples may have sexually assaulted two children from June 2009-September 2009 while they traveled and resided with him.

The report states that at some point, the children went on a trip with Caples to Texas and when they returned, they told their grandmother that while they stayed with Caples at his home and on the trip, they slept in the same bed and bathed with Caples and did not want to do so. In a warrant obtained by the Greenville Police Department, Caples is also accused of inappropriately touching the children in private places.

The report says that Caples was asked to care for them by their mother.

The article goes on to point out that YouthBASE was a program for troubled children, who are a particularly vulnerable population. Many “troubled” youth have already experienced sexual abuse or exploitation and without proper support and therapy begin to internalize a sexualized identity and victim mentality that leads them into other abusive relationships. They come to expect and accept abuse and thus sexual predators seek out children like this.

So who was providing the therapy and guidance for the program? YouthBASE only lists one shrink on its website. Here’s Bobby Caples’ bio from the YouthBASE web page:

Bobby Caples, Ed.S., NCSP
Executive & Program Director

Bobby has 10 years of experience in after-school and community-based education programs. He has worked with several Boys & Girls Club organizations, the YMCA, The United Way of Greenville County, several Parks and Recreation Departments, faith-based organizations, schools, and other community-based organizations as a volunteer, employee, researcher, founder, director, and consultant. He has conducted research into the implementation of evidence-based behavioral strategies in community-based after-school programs. He holds a B.A. in Sociology with a concentration in African-American studies from the University of Virginia, as well as an M.A. and Ed.S. (Educational Specialist Degree) in School Psychology from the University of South Florida with interests in community-based education, reading intervention, and behavioral intervention. He is a Nationally Certified School Psychologist, and is currently working on his dissertation for his Ph.D. in School Psychology. Bobby serves as the Executive & Program Director of YouthBASE, providing organizational leadership as well as program management, training, and consultation.

I’ll reiterate that YouthBASE lists no other therapists on their staff, thus kids needing counseling would be going to a man who is charged with molesting two children. As an aside, sociology degrees are like basket weaving degrees, throw in a “concentration” in African-American studies and what you have is someone who took the easy way through college. Not saying that is a sign of being a pervert, but it should make you question his ability to “implement evidence based behavioral strategies” whatever that means. What you have is a person who is not really interested in psychology finding an easy way to get a psychology credential. That’s a warning bell to me.

When you put your children into youth programs you must look at safety first. It is in vogue to look for places that are “creative” and “compassionate,” but the reality is you’re giving adults you don’t know access to children. Don’t be afraid to ask to observe the program before enrolling. Look to see if they have procedures in place to ensure children are not left alone with any one adult. You don’t know who you can trust, so you must be able to trust the program.

YouthBase hasn’t released a statement yet, and as of now Caples is being held on $40,000 bond.


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  1. Not Happy on January 28th, 2010 7:38 pm

    Mr. Caples has been wrongly accused and arrested. This article has been written to publicly slander someone while the author has no clue in hell of the real situation or of the truly good person Mr. Caples is. To the author: you are an awful person to take and exaggerate such devastating information, and pass such nasty judgment on someone that you don’t even know and a situation that you have no fucking clue about. I hope you rot in your disgusting life.

  2. PISSED OFF on January 28th, 2010 8:11 pm

    to the author—

  3. Debbie on January 28th, 2010 8:33 pm

    This is rediculous. Bobby Caples would never hurt a child, he steps in to save the children that the parents have messed up. Works 80-90 hours a weeks for barely no money!! He is a great person, and people should not make judgements until a person has a fair trial. I hope you get wrongfully accused of something, and see how that feels!!!

  4. Joe Friday on January 28th, 2010 9:10 pm

    Sensational headline aside, this post contains smart, thoughtful advice for parents who are thinking of enrolling their kids in any kind of program.

    The other commenters have discredited themselves by offering their opinions as though they were facts, whereas the original post is clearly an op-ed based on a WSPA article. It would be one thing to say, “I know Bobby and don’t believe this story is true.” It’s another thing entirely to write, “Mr. Caples has been wrongly accused and arrested,” or “Bobby Caples would never hurt a child” without offering any proof. So go ahead, prove it. Until then, your opinions aren’t automatically more valid just because you say so.

    Debbie says “people should not make judgements until a person has a fair trial,” but that is exactly what she’s doing, making judgments based on her personal feelings about Caples. Hypocritical, no?

  5. Not Happy on January 28th, 2010 9:14 pm

    what the fuck ever happened to innocent until proven guilty??? this anything but “thoughtful” advice could be offered to the public without completely slandering the reputation of someone, no?

  6. Rob Taylor on January 28th, 2010 9:19 pm

    Oh poor babies. Your douche bag pervert friend got caught out there and now you’re lashing out. I suppose the children are liars? That is what you’re implying.

    Let me clear some things up with you pervert loving scum:

    1) Blog posts about a public figure who was arrested can’t be considered “public slander” unless I made up the story. Did I? Or did I just provide commentary on a story already in the public? Is my advice to parents on how to pick child care “exaggerations” or does it follow the state mandated guidelines for child care in both NYC and CT?

    2) By saying Caples is “wrongly accused” aren’t you “slandering” the children who made the accusation? It’s interesting that even though false reports of sexual abuse are known to be less than 3% of cases you assume a man who you all claim spends all his time around kids (which is odd no? I worked with kids and did not spend 90hrs a week with them) is a victim of a coupe of hellions/Lolitas who made the whole thing up.

    3) If there was a Hell the people in it would be those who took the side of child molesters over children.

    4) Since you’re friends with a pervert I have little interest in your opinion of me. After all how good a judge of character can you guys be?

    If he’s innocent than let him take your kids out on an overnight trip.

  7. Rob Taylor on January 28th, 2010 9:20 pm

    By the way, not happy you should look up the definition of slander. You’re using it wrong.

  8. Concerned on January 28th, 2010 9:41 pm

    While I agree with Joe Friday that the article does contain good advice for all parents to thoroughly check out any program their child is enrolled in, the writer obviously is narrow-minded in his opinion and is unfairly trashing Mr. Caples, and YouthBASE. With shots like, “sociology degrees are like basket weaving degrees, throw in a “concentration” in African-American studies and what you have is someone who took the easy way through college.” and “makes me think either Caples is the most patient pervert ever or the YouthBASE staff is not as aware of who they work with as they should be” or “Not saying that is a sign of being a pervert, but it should make you question his ability to “implement evidence based behavioral strategies” whatever that means. Obviously the writer has no knowledge of behavioral science and is skewing his opinion to tear down Mr. Caples. Without the blatant jabs at a potentially innocent man this article has a good message for parents. CHECK OUT ANY PROGRAM YOUR KIDS ARE IN. Everyone IS innocent until proven guilty, unfortunately Mr. Taylors bias is published for all to see.

  9. Concerned on January 28th, 2010 9:55 pm

    Just FYI the definition of slander and libel is the communication of a statement that makes a claim, expressly stated or implied to be factual, that may give an individual, business, product, group, government, or nation a negative image. Slander is spoken words libel is written. So technically, your words could be considered libel. If Mr. Caples is found innocent your calling him a pervert would be wrong and potentially hurtful to his reputation. You also slander him by questioning and judging his education as being the easy way out. Either way it is just demeaning writing on your part to judge without any facts. I am not saying the children are lying, but from personal experience I have seen adults persuade children to say things a certain way to get a certain reaction or outcome. All facts must be looked at and judged in time. IF saying that Mr. Caples is guilty until prove innocent is slandering the children then the goverment slanders people everyday.

  10. Rob Taylor on January 28th, 2010 9:59 pm

    Yes, yes my Masters makes me unqualified to understand why some White guy got a Sociology degree with a concentration in African -American studies. Sorry kids I’m not “narrow minded” I just actually went to college. What’s your Masters in?

    As an aside as a Bi-racial man the only thing more offensive than segregating Black people academically in African-American studies (as if Black people are completely separate from Americans) is when White people get involved in it.

    I’ve palled around with Sociology Profs. They all went into it because it was easy. Sociology is the basket weaving of social sciences. Anthropology, Archeology and Comparative Religion … those are real fields of study! Sociology nowadays is simply regurgitating Marxist critiques of society, there’s no original research in it. Just like there is no new way to weave a basket.

    So again I ask is it your opinion the children made up the allegations? Everyone is presumed innocent in a court of law (not in the court of public opinion) but that doesn’t mean people are innocent. This is childish thinking.

    It’s not bias to put forward that children making up stories of sexual abuse are rare. It is bias to think that because you smoked pot with some White guy who got a degree in African-American studies he must be a great guy. Grow up kid; a lot of your friends are going to disappoint you. This guy’s just the first.

  11. Rob Taylor on January 28th, 2010 10:02 pm

    Questioning someone’s education isn’t defamation. But since you think it is than tell your friend to sue me.

    But how is it judging without facts to write a blog post on a story that’s in the newspaper?

    Grow up.

  12. Concerned on January 28th, 2010 10:28 pm

    He is accused, not found guilty. You do not know the facts, you have not talked to the kids, you have not talked to him. Therefore you are calling him a pervert without any basis in fact to do so. That is why it is judging. By the way I “palled” around as you called it with lots of journalism majors who said they took the journalism because it was easy. You know what they all do now? Write blogs. Not sure what your masters is in, but it must not be much more than my old friends.

  13. DodiaFae on January 28th, 2010 10:40 pm

    “So reports that YouthBASE director Bobby Caples was just pinched molesting two children he was asked to care for (hopefully by family members and not by YouthBASE clients) makes me think either Caples is the most patient pervert ever or the YouthBASE staff is not as aware of who they work with as they should be:”

    Well… just because he hasn’t been caught before now doesn’t mean these are the first offenses. I hope LE is looking into other possible victims. It’s frightening that such a person had access to so many children.

  14. Not Happy on January 28th, 2010 10:41 pm

    alright you’re obviously a very knowledgeable, important person with your stinking masters degree and having worked at the ymca and having this STELLAR job

    it’s also obvious that you’re very defensive, but really, most of us just want you to shut up and fall off the face of the earth

  15. A real volunteer and real friend on January 28th, 2010 11:04 pm

    Dear Mr. Rob Taylor,

    I find it quite interesting that you hear a story on the news and choose to write an article entitled “YouthBASE Director Bobby Caples is a Filthy Pervert!” You don’t even try to actually talk to a volunteer, staff member, or anyone else, before making comments about someone you probably have never met. Your only other sources of information are the news and the youth BASE website.

    Actually being a volunteer of YouthBASE and knowing that more than half of the comments on this page come from real volunteers, you should think twice before trying to defend an allegation.

    Here are a few things you need to know. YouthBASE is not the average after school program. Students that are kicked out of other programs and public schools are recommended to go YouthBASE. I would like to see you last one night trying to deal with the behavior issues by yourself, let alone with the all the staff and volunteers there to help. Along with this YouthBASE is DSS certified, has intensive behavior monitoring, maintains a ratio as low as 1:3 adults to students at some times, goes over 5 hours long daily(which is one of the few extended day programs in all after school programs to do this), and the amount of experiences on field trips and exposing these students to things, people and places that they would never see otherwise are just a few of the things that make YouthBASE. Why don’t you read and think about the “About YouthBASE” page before responding next time.

    I must restate this though, because I feel a little ashamed for you and your Master’s degree. How could you make accusations as if they are true based on things you have only heard or read? I can understand the concern for future students and passing advice about choosing a program that doesn’t endanger children, but you are defending an allegation against people who have experienced YouthBASE.

    Here’s what you should consider, right now you are responding to people who have actually volunteered at YouthBASE and not random people. Can you see the passion in their statements? Also check out the ENTIRE website. You will see countless pics, post, and more about who YouthBASE serves, what they do, and the real relationships that are built.

    People dedicate their lives to many things in various careers, but the amount of people that work with youth are rare. When you find someone that works with youth that have behavior problems then the amount of patience they need must be far more than the average. Then add the component of having a program that provides dinner, field trips, and more KNOWING that the average non-profit salary is little to nothing(less than a teachers salary in most cases) why would you try to go out of your way to hurt someone’s name and you would never spend one moment doing their job full time.

    Yes the children have a right and voice to state any complaint, but last time I checked all children don’t go home and tell their parents ‘the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help them God.’ Let’s let the lawyers, judge, and jury decide who is telling the truth and who isn’t.

  16. Very Concerned on January 28th, 2010 11:19 pm

    Like the author, I have worked in countless programs for kids and have have their welfare as my top interest when doing so. Bobby Caples has been wrongfully accused. He has changed countless lives in Greenville, as he has tirelessly worked for years to construct a program that works with children that most other programs would have given up on. Let the system do its job. Let them find the facts and judge his innocence or guilt. It is simply not fair to do so after reading one article on WSPA. This story just came out today, and that in itself implies that not enough time has passed nor enough facts brought to light for you to making such blatant and judgemental statements. How would you feel if the same were done to you?

  17. Rational on January 28th, 2010 11:19 pm

    Dear Mr. Rob Taylor,

    I would like to remind you, and everyone else reading this post that everything that you wrote, except for the quotes from the news report, are merely your amateur opinion. Let’s look at the facts:

    Bobby Caples was arrested and charged with counts of lewd acts against children under 16.

    That’s it. Nothing more. You, nor anyone else, knows whether or not these charges or true. Nor can you prove them. Bobby Caples is innocent until proven guilty. Bottom line.

    Anyone can publish a blog calling someone a pervert, it does not take any sort of education or knowledge or class to do so. What you wrote is your opinion, do not try to present it as fact. I hope that anyone reading this or any other blog realizes that anyone can spew off their amateur opinion online and I hope that they search out the facts of the situation on their own rather than trusting you.

  18. I see your Master's and raise it a Ph.D. on January 28th, 2010 11:39 pm

    First – good advice from Mr. Taylor for parents to check out any program/service before enrolling their children. This, however, is where my agreement with him ends.

    I do know Mr. Caples, have known him for many years, and I’m familiar with his educational background. Oh yeah – like you I also have a Master’s – in Clinical Child Psychology – and a doctorate as well.

    Let’s talk about Mr. Caples’ education, though… his undergraduate degrees are from the University of Virginia, a very prestigious institution. If you are offended by majors or minors in African-American Studies, I suggest you take it up with the universities that offer them, not with the students who learn from their coursework.

    Mr. Caples’ graduate education is in the area of School Psychology. He does not claim to provide therapy for children or anyone else, as that is not his expertise. However, as an Educational Specialist with all coursework completed for a Ph.D. in School Psychology (pending completion of his dissertation), he is highly qualified to implement evidence-based behavioral strategies. If you would like to receive some education about the different specialties of psychology, their areas of expertise, and their limitations, I will be happy to provide that.

    Now, you may feel threatened and wish to lash out regarding my education, and may be of the opinion that psychologists have also taken the easy way out. I’m not going to try to convince you differently, but for the rational readers of this post, I will note that most graduate Ph.D. programs like the one I completed are highly selective, taking only 6-10 students per year out of hundreds of applications. Although Mr. Caples completed his education in a different specialty of psychology and at a different institution, I am familiar with his program and know that his was similar in its selectivity. If you want to call that the easy way out, then I’ll let you live with your bias.

    I’m not going to state things that I don’t know as fact as fact. I will state what I believe, and what I believe are facts that are not yet known based on extant news coverage or op-ed bloggers.

    I believe a grandmother filed charges with the police regarding her grandchildren. The charges may have been filed out of concern for them. They may have been filed in an attempt to get money. I don’t know. I do know that when charges of any sexual assault, and especially against children, are filed, the police are obligated to arrest the accused perpetrator. My understanding is that Child Protective Services have not even initiated an investigation at this point. My understanding is that the children have not yet even been interviewed.

    FACT: I could go to the police station and accuse you, Mr. Taylor, of raping me, and you would be arrested, and held pending arraignment or posting of bail if one was set.

    FACT: Mr. Caples has worked 80-90 hours a week to start a fledgling non-profit to help the kids it serves – that does not mean he spends 80-90 hours a week with kids. He works on grants, implements training, plans programs, meets with community partners, and during the few hours a day the program is actually open and running, he is there helping bring all of that together to make a difference in the lives of the kids – with many additional staff present at all times.

    I believe Mr. Caples wanted to help a family who became homeless, taking in the kids when they had nowhere else to go – at the request of their mother. I became aware of that situation as it was occurring and expressed concern that even though I was certain nothing improper was occurring, it might not look right to many people. I am a clinical child psychologist. I understand the “profile” of a child molester. I also know that just about anyone who makes a career of working with children and youth fits that profile.
    I believe Mr. Caples was afraid the kids would be removed from their mother if Child Protective Services became involved, and he knew that once she was back on her feet and could provide a place for them to live, they would be best off with her (if you would like some references to peer-reviewed journal articles that discuss the benefits and risks of children becoming involved in the foster care system, they are widely available). I believe Mr. Caples was naive and that he thought he was providing a safer place for the kids – he knew he was feeding them, buying them clothes and school supplies, and doing so to help out both them and their mother.

    I believe Mr. Caples is innocent. I believe someone has made some false allegations, and I’m unsure of her motivations. She may believe them to be true. I will not defame her by suggesting I know her motives. I will defend Mr. Caples, his character, and the belief that although he may have made a poor choice that left him vulnerable to accusations such as these, he did so because he felt he was doing what was best for the kids – which is what all of his decisions and his motivation for starting YouthBASE to begin with have always been about.

    I believe he is innocent. If proof comes along otherwise, I will offer my humblest apologies. My fear is that the proof will come along, it will become clear that the accusations were made falsely, but that the news media, bloggers, and random citizens of Greenville and the world will never hear that story. I fear that YouthBASE is an amazing organization that does so much to improve the lives of children who otherwise are struggling – behaviorally, academically, socially, and/or emotionally, and that Mr. Caples himself, may be haunted by these accusations… which again, I believe to be false… forever.

    I believe in Mr. Caples. I believe he has never wanted to do anything but help give struggling children a chance, to help lift them up. I believe he has committed endless hours of his time, his life savings, and everything he is and has to build an amazing organization, which a few false accusations, some sensational media, and the court of public opinion may have destroyed in just a few short hours.

    Please be open to considering facts as they emerge. Recognize that what is being reported in the media is only factual in as much as it is fact that these allegations have been made. The allegations themselves are not yet proven to be factual.

    A final footnote – I believe that CONVICTED child molesters should be imprisoned and never allowed to work with children or be alone in the company of children again. I do not, however, believe Mr. Caples is a child molester or that he will ever be convicted of these charges. He is innocent unless proven guilty, and I don’t expect that to ever happen.

  19. See You in Court Rob on January 29th, 2010 9:21 am


    As a local lawyer who knows the law of defamation well, law you need to review as your incorrect characterizations above are incorrect, I look forward to offering my free services to Bobby Caples to sue you for defamation. See you in court.

  20. Charles on January 29th, 2010 3:44 pm

    “sociology degrees are like basket weaving degrees, throw in a “concentration” in African-American studies and what you have is someone who took the easy way through college.”

    That’s not only a dick thing to say but just as wrong. Obviously you could care less about the study of the development, structure and functioning of human society and you probably complain about people who do not get an education.

    You quote “concentration” in African-American studies as if it is a joke. You are the transparent joke Taylor and not funny at all.

  21. Rob Taylor on January 29th, 2010 4:05 pm

    Supposed lawyer – If you were really a lawyer you’d probably advise him on his actual case first, and then read up on the case law regarding public figures, blogs and name calling.

    You do know that calling someone a name isn’t defamation don’t you? I would think a lawyer would.

    Supposed PH.D – I dare you to go file a false report accusing me of rape. I blog under my real name and live in Mauldin so let’s go darlin’! Then I dare you to explain why Capels had some clients’ children for 3 months. Then explain why that’s appropriate, why him bathing them is appropriate and why everyone thinks a man who didn’t call CPS or someone else when a mother of a couple of kids who only knows him through an after school program is not some sort of weirdo.

    Rational – When have I purported that my opinion of Caples (he’s a pervert) is not my opinion?

    Very concerned – If you’ve worked in programs for years you know that him taking children in is wrong, a adult man cannot “bathe” children and that your current and my former career was constantly besieged by pedophiles.

    A real volunteer – What I find more interesting is that all of you Caples supporters post anonymously. I’ll update this post or write a new post if any of you contact me with your real name and make a point beyond “you’re an asshole for blogging about a story that’s being widely covered by the local media.”

  22. Rob Taylor on January 29th, 2010 4:14 pm

    Charles you think African-American studies, a discipline made up in the last 25 or so years and one whose very basic theory is that Black Americans have a different history than America as a whole isn’t nonsense? Did you know one of the founding fathers of this “field of study” was Leonard Jeffries, a man who believes you as a White person evolved to be genetically inferior to Blacks? Did you know that many African American studies programs teach that Abolitionists actually caused slavery to be worse for Blacks? I once saw a course listing from my alma mater that actually claimed Abolitionists supported slavery! Is that the academia we should accept?

    But aside from that you don’t think it’s at all offensive for some White guy to “study” Black people in college? We’re not animals.

    And I’d be interested in Sociology if they didn’t use Marx and Engels as a baseline. All sociology programs use a class warfare paradigm that you can see, once you’re out in the world, fails to explain most group dynamics.

  23. Terrence Dale Williams Jr. Kills Himself to Avoid Prison : Greenville Dragnet on January 29th, 2010 4:47 pm

    [...] of robberies. Am I mistaken on this? Maybe one of those anonymous lawyer friends of Bobby Caples can take time out threatening people with frivolous lawsuits to let me [...]

  24. Catena on January 29th, 2010 5:45 pm

    Rob Taylor…. Of all the people to attack… you chose someone you don’t know? As well as not having any facts to back up your allegations? (other than the news, who really don’t know the facts of the case either) Are you a detective? Because for your opinion to be as strong as it is, you must have some insider information… It surprises me that you can say such uneducated words … considering your level of education. You are defensive because no one agrees with your character attacks on Mr. Caples. It is extremely childish to attack people’s intelligence.

    Are you related to the children, do you understand their circumstances? Have you ever worked with children?

    If you were truly educated, you would act like you were. With all these allegations & attacks on the people who disagree with you, you have ruined your own accreditation. I do not know you & hope that the lawyer that said he will see you in court follows through on his promise. This is a fine example of what is wrong with the world today…people thinking their opinion is the right one & criticizing the ones who simply disagree, Some people Kill for not agreeing with just simply put people down…

    Your defensive words are proof of your immaturity level & maybe you still need a surrogate frontal lobe before you act…We are not fools, or uneducated, we just simply disagree with you.

    That’s my piece to you.. I’m sure you will need the last word, because that is just your nature… but know that I will not respond…no matter how you attack my intelligence :) Have a Blessed Day!

  25. Joe Friday on January 29th, 2010 6:34 pm

    So, what do you people do for fun? Get together and burn copies of the First Amendment?

    Many of you have something valuable to add to this discussion, but you cheapen it by threatening to legally bludgeon a writer into silence for the high crime of sharing his opinion about a public figure.

    Instead of trashing the Constitution, why not explain why Bobby Caples violated professional boundaries by reportedly taking a boy and girl from his program into his home for months?

  26. Rob Taylor on January 29th, 2010 6:46 pm

    Here’s an idea. If you guys claim I’m wrong then go on the record, with your real names, with me and present your opinions. I’ll put up a post with your opinions if any of you will stop hiding behind anonymous handles and present your case.

    I take it that the case you’re presenting is that the children and/or the grandmother are liars.

    So use the contact form Caples supporters. Leave me an email address and some way to verify you are who you claim to be and I’ll email you questions and publish your answers. Fair enough? Or is this all just a load of crap and you guys won’t go on record claiming he’s innocent because you know he’s guilty?

  27. I see your Master's and raise it a Ph.D. on January 29th, 2010 10:00 pm

    Mr. Taylor – I’m sorry, I would like to officially go on record, but I am not self-employed and out of respect for the children and families my employer serves, and my employer itself, I don’t want any of them to be drug through the mud as Mr. Caples and YouthBASE have been.

    I understand fully well how this situation looks to an outsider. It has caused me to take a step back and examine my own prejudices toward people I’ve heard have been accused of crimes, particularly those of this nature. I admit that my gut reaction, too, is typically that of “guilty until proven innocent.” This situation has helped me understand how wrong I’ve been to allow myself to think that way.

    I would never make false accusations against you or anyone else, and my post was not intended as a threat to you in any way. I merely wanted to ask that you pause to consider how easily anyone can be falsely accused of something – and how devastating the effects can be on that person’s reputation, career, and entire life – even if they are exonerated of the crimes.

    I believe Mr. Caples will be exonerated beyond a shadow of the doubt. When the facts of this case become known it will be clear that, as Mr. Friday noted, he made a very poor professional decision in caring for these children in an informal arrangement at the request of their mother. But he did it for all the right reasons – wanting to protect them from becoming victims of a foster care system where there could be individuals lurking who would perpetrate the very crimes he has now been accused of. I do not believe he is guilty of the crimes with which he has been accused. I believe he let his heart get in the way of his mind’s recognition of what today’s litigious society is capable of doing to individuals based on society’s motivations for greed, revenge, or false appearances.

    In your post made just subsequent to this one you noted how Greenville News misleads readers to condemn a congressional candidate with the lines “…once charged with murder…” rather than the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s wording of “…cleared of wrongdoing in the deaths of…”

    I believe you’re very on target with recognizing the harmful nature of that sort of deceptive journalism on the part of Greenville News. I hope you can see the parallels to the situation with Mr. Caples – who has been charged with, not convicted of – serious crimes against children.

    I truly believe Mr. Caples is the victim here – and that the children are victims as well, but not victims of him, but rather of their grandmother who is exploiting and manipulating them because she believes she will be able to get money out of him or the organization with which he works – and that she will be able to get back at her daughter through this because her daughter trusted Caples to care for her children when she could not more than she herself was trusted to do so. If I believed for a minute that he had perpetrated the crimes he is accused of, it would not matter how much I like him as a person or believe in his skill in working with youth – I would want him prosecuted, incarcerated, and banned from working with or being around children ever again. But, I don’t believe that is the truth, and I can only hope and pray that the real truth of this situation shines through – and that his life is not damaged irreparably in the process.

    I merely ask that you take a step back and recognize that the information reported in the news media – and even directly by the police – is only a part of the story. Until the justice system can examine all of the facts that neither you nor I are currently privy to, all we are doing by perpetuating hatred toward this man is stirring a pot of venom. I hope and pray that none of us – you, nor me, nor Mr. Caples, nor the grandmother, nor anyone else ever has to drink the venom, but rather that the truth of the situation, whatever it may be, becomes apparent and the appropriate consequences follow, for everyone involved.

    Thanks for taking the time to consider my perspective, and I apologize for my need to remain anonymous. I must do so to maintain the professional boundaries that I have, and in so doing learn from the mistakes of someone I believe is a good man who made a seriously bad choice in how he tried to help some children in need remain safe.

    Most sincerely yours,
    Dr. Anonymous

  28. Rob Taylor on January 29th, 2010 10:29 pm

    I will withhold your identity but I don’t use sources I don’t know how to get a hold of. You aren’t worried about calling the accusers liars. You’re calling the grandmother a thief and liar but don’t have the courage to say it publicly. Anonymity on the web is the last refuge of the coward.

    No one would “drag you though the mud” for voicing your opinion (although you’d do that to them I see) but that’s not your real concern is it? You’re point is to attack the (likely Black) accusers of your friend anonymously without putting your reputation on the line when he pleads out.

    I stand by my challenge.

    A) I dare you and Caples friends to file a false report on me. Then you’ll see how hard it is to pull off. The cops have already been investigating this for two months prior to the arrest so on their part there has been no rush to judgment. Of course afterward I’ll have you arrested and laugh uproariously at you when I visit you in the joint.

    B) State on record why you believe this person who held on to some weirdo’s (I suppose this is slanderous too) children for weeks is innocent. Were you there? Did you “professionals” know he was “caring for” these kids? Do S.C. child care program guidelines allow this sort of thing? I’ll use a pseudonym for you but I want to verify that you’re not just one of his pot smoking friends sitting in Coffee Underground trying to get his connection off.

    If you believe this fairy tale of an evil grandmother making this up you must have a reason for it and should have already made a statement to the police in defense of this innocent man. That statement would be public record so what’s the problem? Or are you saying you could testify to his character and her credibility to the cops but are refusing to so as not to inconvenience yourself?

    Exit question: Did your friend bathe two children he isn’t related to and take them out of state? Did they ever sleep in a bed with him? Molestation or not why is it unreasonable for me to consider these things pervy? Where I worked hugging a child face to face (we were taught to move to the side so incoming huggers fronts were not pressed against our fronts) and having kids sit on your lap were firing offenses. But if he cared for these kids he would have had to bathe them. He cast aside basic boundaries with no pay off for the children or him. He would have already been an authority figure in their lives who now was also their caretaker who was hiding their mother’s irresponsibility from the authorities. You don’t find this … odd?

  29. Past Parent & Past Volunteer on January 29th, 2010 10:53 pm

    I am the parent of a previous Youth-Base participant and a prior volunteer. Based on the experiences of my child and I, I am unable to believe the allegations. I agree with the posts of others who actually know Mr. Caples. People should really take a step back and imagine themselves in the situation prior to categorizing him as guilty without factual information.

  30. Rob Taylor on January 29th, 2010 11:10 pm

    I suppose all those newspaper accounts aren’t “factual information” in your book.

    But really, are you saying that because you’ve met and liked a person they can’t be a criminal?

  31. I see your Master's and raise it a Ph.D. on January 29th, 2010 11:34 pm

    Mr. Taylor, I understand your premise behind wanting me to disclose my identity. I truly wish I could, but my employer strictly forbids it – it is clearly stated in our Employee Handbook – and I am just a big ole rule follower. I’m sorry.

    You’re good at what you do – provoking people into conversations and pulling out pieces of their responses, concentrating on them, and provoking them further without giving the slightest attention to the other valid points of their conversation. Because I’m a big ole rule follower I have let my employer know that I’ve been responding to this blog anonymously, and they gave me permission to make this one last reply, but asked that I not engage with you further. I must respect that.

    I understand why you have the concerns you have about my posts, the anonymous posts of others, and about Mr. Caples in general. I will be honest and say that of course armed with only the facts that have so far been made publicly available I find the circumstances of the situation odd, but I also recognize that part of what has been going around in the media and on blogs are accusations presented as facts – e.g., “he bathed the children” and “he slept in a bed with them.” I wasn’t there. I don’t know if either of those things happened, but at least I’m willing to say that I don’t know rather than rabidly defending that they didn’t happen. It is up to the justice system to determine whether they believe those things happened – not you, nor me. So just as I stop short of saying they didn’t happen (I will say I believe they didn’t happen, but I won’t say that as fact they didn’t happen), I would simply like to see others with beliefs opposite mine not rabidly state as fact that they did happen. If you want to say that based on the information you have, you believe beyond a shadow of the doubt he is guilty as charged, that is your right and your belief. If I want to say that I believe without reservation or hesitation that he is completely innocent of all charges, that is my right and my belief.

    Out of respect for my employer’s wishes this will be my last post. You will have the opportunity to have a hey-day trying to slam, discredit, and bash me, my education, my beliefs, and even question the legitimacy of my identity. At the same time, you will also have the choice to say, “I respect your opinions and your commitment to professionalism. I agree to disagree with your beliefs regarding Mr. Caples’ guilt in this matter. I share your hope that the truth prevails in this matter and that whomever is truly guilty is punished appropriately.” Ultimately I must leave the choice in your hands, humbly thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts and opinions in this forum, and say farewell.

  32. Rob Taylor on January 30th, 2010 12:12 am

    Ah yes. We’re all familiar with employers legal right to keep you from being interviewed for cases unrelated to them or their business. Perhaps instead you can send one of your friends?

  33. See you in court on January 30th, 2010 1:12 am

    I look forward to seeing you in court one day in this matter and will see how self-assured you are then. Feel free to disparage my legal knowledge as someone who has little to none yourself – will make it all the more fun for me in court.

  34. See you in court on January 30th, 2010 1:20 am

    Also, please feel free to go to and educate yourself on the definition of “public figure” and “defamation per se.” Oh, do feel free to publish the name of your attorney so we know where to serve suit papers. Thanks!

  35. Rob Taylor on January 30th, 2010 2:14 am

    Will you be filing your suit under the name “see you in court” from the law firm of “Anonymous Troll, Sock Puppet and Stoner” or will you be using your real name?

    You can serve your papers directly to me thanks.

  36. bored at work on February 1st, 2010 12:54 pm

    Mr. Taylor, I beleive you’re probably the biggest asshole anyone could meet, but that doesn’t mean your opinion’s are invalid. Why are someone’s “oh he’s a saint” opinions more acceptable than yours? The point is he made this situation for himself. He should have never had those children living in his house point blank. If he is innocent or not, he made it possible for people like yourself, Mr. Taylor, to write derogatory things about is character. Sometimes the care that you can have for those underpriviledged children can cloud your judgement, which is what might have happened to Bobby. It is just very weird that with his experience and education he did not see letting those children live with him was very inappropriate. Mr. Taylor, keep blogging, it is one of your liberties, despite the stupidity of your logic.

  37. Rob Taylor on February 1st, 2010 3:54 pm

    Nice fence sitting. We’ll see what an asshole I am when your friend pleads out.

    Funny, I write about murderers, robbers and rapists here all the time and none of them are “assholes” but then again I’m not surprised that that’s the kind of attitude the people who surround a cretin like Caples display. The children are liars, the grandmother is a con artist and the blogger is an “asshole” but the man who “cares” so much about kids he kept them like abandoned pets rather than calling child welfare when THEIR MOTHER LEFT THEM WITH SOME GUY is beyond reproach.

    But I guess you’re another friend of Caples who will prefer remaining anonymous? Your loyalty is inspiring.

    By the way, if Bobby cared about them why didn’t he call authorities?

  38. Someone who really cares on February 5th, 2010 2:54 pm

    I read your blog as well as all the comments that have been posted. It has been on my mind for days…I don’t aim to attack you or hurt you like you have Bobby, but I have to wonder what type of hurt you have been through in your life to tear a man down you don’t even know. And from the sound of it have never been around. I don’t have a master’s or a Ph.D. and probably will have a ton of grammatical errors on my post but I do know a person who has passion when I see one.
    I am sure you are already thinking of tons of ways to tear down and belittle everything I am saying but as many others said it’s between you and God, thank goodness He is the ONLY judge that matters. Who are you to tear down someone you have no clue of? Who are you to take someone’s name that has worked so hard and invested so much?
    I have worked with children for 10+ years in the school system, residential setting, and DSS and one thing that stood out to me when I first met Bobby was his huge passion for children, his dedication to them and passion for helping them succeed. Because of working in this setting for several years I have seen people be accused of many of the same things as Bobby and be proven guilty. I have also seen friends accused and torn apart by the media and be proven innocent. Unfortunately, on these occassions the media did such a number on them that they changed their direction in life, to somehow save a child heartache and save themselves the devastation of being accused again because of there passion.
    As I said, I am sure you are waiting to tear apart my words…because if you have never had a passion for anything or the HUGE desire to make a change you won’t have a clue about what I am talking about.
    I can’t say why Bobby didn’t go to the authorities but I can say I know why it’s been a hard situation for me several times. News flash: you can’t always count on the authorities to do the best thing for the child. I am not saying they are all bad, just saying that in my experience they are many times held back from doing what is really in the best interest of the child/children because of all the red tape. I believe it’s because they have so much to do themselves that they have to do these things…which drags the children through all sorts of stuff.
    I am one of those people who decided many years ago to dedicate my life to children in need, desperate to make a difference in their lives and save them from hurt. Unfortunately we are unable to save them from everything. I am so upset for what Bobby has been accused of because I know when you decide to pursue helping children as your life, you take these risks. BOth of my parents are educators for 25+ years, both with masters, and one who received the Golden Apple Award from Wyff. When they saw this on the news the 1st thing they said was how the media makes things look so one sided and how the same channel that awarded them would be the 1st to tear them down in this situation. I realize the media has a job to do to alert others, but I think they word things so it sounds like someone is already guilty and a child molester. I understand wholeheartedly how Bobby was caught in this situation. Bad judgement? Maybe, I don’t know the whole story and can’t judge that…but as my program director said to me one time to love these kids as much as you times you get sucked into situations where your heart takes over. Unfortunately we live in a world where there are too many people who REALLY want to hurt children, we all know this but what many don’t know is if you are one of the ones who have dedicated your life to such a cause as helping children you will be caught in a situation where there isn’t a fair or right answer. So when those who really just want to help try to provide some stability in a bad situation they end up getting burnt.
    I believe wholeheartedly that Bobby is INNOCENT. He wanted to help some kids in a bad situation and got burnt.
    I have hurt so much for Bobby and for these kids and for all the kids at youthbase. See you don’t hurt for them, any of them, because you never saw how the kids look up to Bobby and believe in him. They know when they come to youthbase someone cares for them and wants to help them. These kids are our future and Bobby has given his life to help them. And have you stopped to think of the kids being talked about. When Bobby is found innocent (and I believe he will be) what will happen to them. What are they thinking about all of this? Have you thought of any of that?
    As many have said if someone has hurt a child I want them away-far away from children and I want them to get help. But this is not Bobby. He has worked with children for several years and in various situations. If someone wanted to hurt a child they would have acted a lot sooner. Bobby clearly only wanted to help a family in need.

    I know you may not care, and only want to tear down everything I have said and the others on here because we don’t have “evidence” but that is ok. But much of the evidence is this case is that of the heart.
    It really bothered me so much when I saw this that anyone would tear down and slander someone they don’t even know. I have tried for days to not comment and let it go, but as an advocate of children I had too. The kids Bobby has worked with are lucky to have someone who cares so much in their lives.
    I also wanted to add that as someone who works with and loves children I think it’s awesome how many people are standing by Bobby. I think it’s awesome that the two people above are so passionate about it. So many people immediately want to believe the media when someone is accused without looking at the facts, but unfortunately the media does not always give both sides and doesn’t present everything in a positive light.
    Again, as many others have said, I would most certainly LOVE to give you my real name so I could talk to you, but because I want to protect the kids I work with and the organization I work for, I won’t do that.
    I hope you will humble yourself and realize the error in your judgement.

  39. Rob Taylor on February 5th, 2010 6:51 pm

    Ah, anonymous concern trolling, the last refuge of those who have no evidence for what they are arguing. To answer your question, no I am not a child molestation victim though I am affiliated with Pagans Against Child Abuse which does work with abuse survivors.

    I don’t feel you need to be psychically scarred to be disgusted by child abuse or the kinds of people who cover up for it, do you? I would also point out that I am not a Christian but a Pagan and a fairly well known one in certain circles. You need not wonder what my views are or how they have developed, you can simply look them up.

    I too have nearly a decade of working with children under my belt and what jumps out at me about the Caples story is how inappropriate his behavior was even if he wasn’t a filthy pervert (which I believe he is) and how unprofessional the child care industry is here if they accept his clear lack of boundaries. He should have been fired the day he agreed to this arrangement with the mother, that’s in fact THE LAW in most states I’ve worked in. All suspicious activity with children is to be reported and a mother dropping her kids off with some dude she met through a child program is suspicious, if not technically abuse.

    I have offered before to hide your identity for interviews, but I need to know that you’re legit. I won’t publish your personal details, but I won’t risk having some weirdo from some other state making up stories. I have specific questions that you should be willing to answer.

    As for this whole “my evidence is in my heart” thing. What you’re saying, if I may point this out again, is that because you know and like someone they can’t be criminals. They can’t keep a secret form you. Did you know he was taking care of those kids? Did you know he took them across state lines?

    Is your heart also telling you that the children and the grandmother are just bad people? Hmmm. Would you say the same thing if they were middle class White kids who didn’t have problems?

    If they were in a bad situation isn’t he legally obligated to alert authorities? Why didn’t he do that? What man who works with children would put himself in the position of being alone in his apartment with a little boy and girl knowing what you yourself have pointed out?

    And why should I humble myself? Are you better than me? Do you know what “humble yourself” even means? Sounds like a bit more of your classicist/racist elitism peeking through to me. In America no one humbles themselves to others, we are all equal whether you and the White hipster d-bags who stroke yourselves because you hang around Black kids like it or not.

  40. Ex-Cop Malcolm Maurice Fuller Likes ‘Em Young … Allegedly : Greenville Dragnet on February 20th, 2010 6:38 am

    [...] learned from the Bobby Caples affair – if you don’t put the word allegedly in your title all the friends of some degenerate [...]

  41. YouthBASE supporter on March 1st, 2010 2:39 pm

    Wow! Thanks, Mr. Taylor- you have shown me how people can see through the media hype to look for the truth! I was scared that some would read articles such as yours and automatically assume that Bobby was guilty. But you have proved otherwise. Bobby is innocent. I know it-without a shadow of a doubt. Something else I know? I can’t wait for you to have to eat your share of humble pie! :)

  42. Rob Taylor on March 1st, 2010 3:42 pm

    If you have evidence of Caples innocence go on record to prove it.

    Anonymous poster. Hmmm. like the anonymous threats the4 family of the accuser is allegedly getting?

  43. J. McMullen on March 10th, 2010 6:26 pm

    Mr. Taylor:

    I had to guffaw when I read that you were a pagan. You say it would be difficult to make a false report against you for sexual misconduct stick…. Perhaps you’re right…

    But then again, it’d be far, far, far easier for you to be falsely accused of being a satan worshipper than a sexual deviant. I imagine there are many people living in Greenville County who would only need to hear that you were a self-proclaimed pagan as proof positive that you are involved in all sorts of ne’erdowell activities including ritual torture, animal sacrifice, as well as sexually deviant behaviors. These people would have little understanding of the nuance of Wicca versus Aleister Crowley.

    This is why I find it so amusing that you are so insensitive to the hell your post will reek in this man’s life if he is indeed innocent. I have no doubt that you have faced a good number of groundless accusations for your pagan affiliation. So why can’t you see the shades of gray here? Things aren’t always what they first seem. And nothing in your original post acknowledges that.

    People do make false accusations, sadly. It happens every day. And, such false accusations are sometimes made by children… or their care givers.

    I don’t know beyond a reasonable doubt if the allegations made against Mr. Caples are true. But I do know that if they aren’t true that Mr. Caples will have suffered greatly. And part of that suffering will be caused by your incendiary blog post.

    There is a difference between reporting the news and making injurious posts against a man who may or may not be guilty. I find it irresponsible for you to use pejorative terms like “filthy pervert” when the only thing you can say with a certainty at this point is that he was accused and subsequently arrested. Shame on you!

    Oh, and I do know Mr. Caples, though not well. Furthermore, I have more than one friend who is affiliated with / a volunteer for YouthBASE. All of these friends are adamant that the charges are false. And, my gut feeling concurs with their judgment.

    So, Mr. Taylor, I ask you… if these charges do turn out to be false, will you re-read your original blog post and feel any sort of regret for not taking a more neutral stance?

  44. Rob Taylor on March 10th, 2010 7:05 pm

    “I had to guffaw when I read that you were a pagan.”

    Just as I often titter when some cretin pretends they didn’t know a friend of theirs was a pervert.

    “You say it would be difficult to make a false report against you for sexual misconduct stick…. Perhaps you’re right…”

    That’s a threat over the Internet I take it. But to your point since I work with my wife in a home office six days a week it’d be hard to claim I did anything, since aside from Costco or the gun range I tend to be home minding my business and not prancing around with other people’s children like Bobby Caples.

    “But then again, it’d be far, far, far easier for you to be falsely accused of being a satan worshipper than a sexual deviant.”

    So go ahead. I write about Paganism all the time on my other blog. I have many Christian (and Jewish) Conservative fans and indeed as a matter of theology most consider Pagans deluded by demons into worshiping Satan. That’s basic Christian theology. Of course even if I were a devil worshiper that’s my right.

    “I imagine there are many people living in Greenville County who would only need to hear that you were a self-proclaimed pagan as proof positive that you are involved in all sorts of ne’erdowell activities including ritual torture, animal sacrifice, as well as sexually deviant behaviors.”

    I imagine that’s also true of NYC, NJ and CT where I also lived and had large contingents of conspiracy theorists. So what? Why do I care what these mythical other people think of me?

    “These people would have little understanding of the nuance of Wicca versus Aleister Crowley. ”

    That sounds like bigotry to me (especially the “these people” part) but frankly you obviously know little of either yourself. Wicca is a fraud (as was Crowley) and while Wicca is little more than a hippy sex cult (as I’ve been on record saying) Crowley actually created several said hippy sex cults, Wicca being one of them since Gerald Gardner ripped off Crowley when he created Wicca in the 50s.

    But again, so what?

    “This is why I find it so amusing that you are so insensitive to the hell your post will reek in this man’s life if he is indeed innocent. I have no doubt that you have faced a good number of groundless accusations for your pagan affiliation.”

    Your wrong. I’ve never run into people slandering me for my religious affiliation except a group of known sex offenders. That’s probably because I comport myself like an adult unlike you and the supporters of Caples.

    “So why can’t you see the shades of gray here? Things aren’t always what they first seem. And nothing in your original post acknowledges that. ”

    Meaning that you believe some guy found in possession of someone else’s children (and having crossed state lines with them)was set up by those evil Black folks i take it. I say what evidence, aside from your felaciousness to Caples, do you have that the children are liars which is what you’re claiming.

    “People do make false accusations, sadly. It happens every day”

    In reality it happens in 3% of cases and you’re rolling the dice for your friend.

    “I don’t know beyond a reasonable doubt if the allegations made against Mr. Caples are true”

    I think you do.

    “But I do know that if they aren’t true that Mr. Caples will have suffered greatly. And part of that suffering will be caused by your incendiary blog post.”

    But not the news reports of the same story?

    “There is a difference between reporting the news and making injurious posts against a man who may or may not be guilty.”

    There is a difference between the reporting of news and commentary on it. This post isn’t injurious by any real legal definition since it comments on public events and people involved. Damn that First Amendment!

    “I find it irresponsible for you to use pejorative terms like “filthy pervert” when the only thing you can say with a certainty at this point is that he was accused and subsequently arrested.”

    I find calling alleged rape victims liars disgusting. You and the Caples crowd are doing that. If you don’t like it here leave and write your own blog, where you can call me all the names you want.

    “Oh, and I do know Mr. Caples, though not well.”


    “Furthermore, I have more than one friend who is affiliated with / a volunteer for YouthBASE.”

    Then you know that his caring for those children was at best an ethical violation. Did you know he was doing it? If so why didn’t you step in? If not why was he hiding it?

    “All of these friends are adamant that the charges are false.”

    All criminals have friends who defend them in the comments of crime blogs. Look around. I once had a couple of broads in the comments of this post tell me that a Tranny who got murdered by a rapist had it coming and the rapist was a “nice guy” and yes, I’m comparing you to a gutterslut murder groupie.

    “And, my gut feeling concurs with their judgment.”

    Well then case closed.

    “So, Mr. Taylor, I ask you… if these charges do turn out to be false, will you re-read your original blog post and feel any sort of regret for not taking a more neutral stance?”


    I will want answers as to why he was in possession of the children if he knew the family well and thus knew they were apt to make these kinds of allegations. If he didn’t know them well I’d want to know why he didn’t call authorities when someone left them. Then I’ll restate my call for any of the friends of Caples to go on the record and explain how this breach of common practices happened in a child care group.

    But when he pleads out will you and your friends feel regret for the anonymous threats and crazy lies about me you’ve been throwing around the web?

  45. Meghan on March 16th, 2010 4:04 pm

    i just want to point out that when i was a kid (under 11), i NEVER wanted to take baths. my caregivers “forced” me and would sit next to the tub until i was satisfactorily clean. i also falsely accused my brother of beating me up multiple times (and gave myself the bruises to prove it). i wasn’t clever enough to realize that if i told this to an adult serious charges could be filed and i could come into money.

    oh, and i pulled this from your “about” section…
    “Greenville Dragnet is dedicated to covering crime news in Greenville County, South Carolina. The lackluster coverage of crime by much of the local media often serves to make it harder for Greenville residents, especially the many newcomers to the area, to put the crime stories in a perspective that allows them to live safer and happier lives. Greenville Dragnet seeks to rectify that by providing straightforward and reliable coverage and analysis of crime in Greenville County.”
    not sure that last sentence is entirely true. or the bit about perspective. i can honestly say, as a (new-ish) greenville resident, that my life isn’t happier after reading your posts, nor do i feel safer… just a little nervous for everyone out there who would dare to oppose a cretin such as yourself (did i use that ‘cretin’ word correctly?)

  46. Rob Taylor on March 16th, 2010 7:41 pm

    No you didn’t use the term cretin correctly.

    But if I’m to understand you you’re claiming that it’s natural to assume that the children are simply lying. It is, as I have said, extremely rare for children to make up false reports about rape. I will also again say that if these were little White kids there would not be the rush to claim they were lying to get money from some dude.

    Also claiming that you saying your brother hit you is the same as an adult molesting children is the vilest kind of moral relativism.

    As I also said before I worked in the same industry which makes me privy to several facts. The first is that people who work with kids are court mandated reporters, meaning that in many state Caples would have been legally required to report the mother abandoning her kids. Even f it was different in SC he knows that this is a situation where CPS needed to be involved.

    The second is that men need to be careful about their interactions with children, not because children falsely report things but because a)the industry attracts pedophiles (having hired staff summer camp I can assure you that at least 5% of applicants turned away were turned away for being perverts) and the parents of at risk youth are often drug addicts and as you well know they will sell their children to get a fix.

    The third is that children need privacy when cleaning/toileting themselves. At places I worked adults were required to stand outside bathrooms visible to other adults when children were in bathrooms. I find it odd that a “professional” would not have the same policy in his home with two children that some weirdo gave him to care for.

    I bathed alone since I was five or six, which is appropriate. Adults can stand by the door and ensure everything is OK. All of Caples behavior is suspicious.

    Why would he not have called authorities when these children were abandoned for a few months?

    Why would he risk his professional reputation at all?

    Why would he need to bath both children? Why would he think it was acceptable for him to bath two children he was unrelated to?

    Again a Caples groupie with no real answers, just some name calling and a racist attack on two Black victims of crime. Typical.

    By the way, crime blogs aren’t supposed to make you feel safe. They’re supposed to make you aware of criminality and prepare you to not be a victim.

  47. Meghan on March 17th, 2010 10:00 am

    sorry about the misuse. i assume in your last comment you were referring to my post and i’d like to address a couple of your points: i’m not a groupie (unless you count those guns & roses days) and never once made mention of the children’s race (as i am unaware of their race). the race of the children was never mentioned in the article or blog, you’ve been the only one to make a big point of it. why is that?

    i also don’t remember calling anyone a name (unless you are offended by the term “cretin”, in which case you probably shouldn’t be using it, either).

    i never claimed to have answers, i just offered my scenario. we forget that children can be conniving and cruel without understanding the consequences of their actions. today’s television and media don’t help that situation, either. i highly doubt anyone besides mr. caples and the children and other adults involved will be able to provide you with those answers you desperately seek. as for my brother and i, all is forgiven and we joke about those incidents now…

    i’m not sure what you want to hear from us, as we are *all* outsiders in this situation and are trying to make sense of it in our heads as well. i hope that if you didn’t want a lively discussion with varying opinions and ideals, you would disable the comments section.

    i do appreciate the service you are attempting to provide the citizens of greenville, but i’m not sure it’s having the desired effect. i assume you want to provide a more comprehensive crime coverage than the local media is able to (what with their time constraints and all), but it appears that you are just a scaremonger. why not help put each crime in perspective (i.e. there was 1 pursesnatching today, in 2009 there were only three pursesnatchings county-wide) so as to not scare off potential citizens. by only reporting the negative, you are doing almost the same as the local media.


  48. Rob Taylor on March 17th, 2010 5:23 pm


    A)If the children weren’t poor Black kids being helped by Greenville’s own Tarzan their would not be the assumption that they are liars and con artists. Tell me exactly how there is a payoff for reporting this.

    When Kathy Isbell lied about being raped and was caught, many of the same commenter above claimed she was coerced into that and that she may have been telling the truth. The difference? Isbell is a White hipster d-bag. The neo-colonial context is evident. As a (half) Black person myself I’m offended that you people automatically assume the children are lying.

    B)You say “i never claimed to have answers, i just offered my scenario.” Which sounds a lot like people who claim Jewish spies destroyed the World Trade Center then when confronted they say “I’m just asking questions”

    You’re attacking the children as “conniving” etc which is hateful, spiteful and as to my point above kind of racist. Lots of White kids have accused people in the news of molestation, I’ve yet to see you and your Klan members in the comments of those stories going on about how perfidious children are.

    As an aside I’m not desperate for answers. i have simply offered to Caples groupies the opportunity to go on the record here and fully explain themselves. None, yourself included, have taken me up on the offer.

    C)Disabling comments is childish, but so is assuming that because I allow comments I want you to bad mouth rape victims anonymously. Also a little childish – assuming that because I let people leave comments I somehow want them to do so. Everyone is free to comment here, but no one is free from being criticized for asinine comments they make.

    You’ll also notice many of your scumbag compatriots didn’t so much comment here as leave threats about how they were either going to sue me or file false police reports about me. Good company Caples keeps.

    D) I don’t think you know what a scaremonger is. By putting a positive spin on crime you’re helping create victims. You know what you can learn on Greenville Dragnet? Don’t work the night shift on White Horse rd. Would it be better if no one told people how dangerous White Horse Rd is at night? Would you prefer i put a positive spin on the shootings at La Roka?

    Burying your head in the sand feels great, until you’re victimized. Crime happens and the way to avoid having it happen to you is to be aware of it and prepared for it.

  49. Wife Beating Degenerate Will Folks Libels Nikki Haley : Greenville Dragnet on May 24th, 2010 4:06 pm

    [...] it’s proven Folks is lying this, for all you people who don’t know what libel means and constantly threaten me with frivolous lawsuits, is literally actionable libel. Folks has disseminated a false allegation specifically designed to [...]

  50. Anonymous on September 8th, 2010 9:15 am

    Have there been any updates to this case?

  51. Rob Taylor on September 8th, 2010 1:26 pm

    I haven’t seen any but I don’t think his case came up yet. I’ll ask around.

  52. Rob Taylor on September 8th, 2010 1:31 pm

    Court records indicate he’s out on bail His case number is M382279 if you want to keep track of it.

  53. Anonymous on September 8th, 2010 1:49 pm

    Thanks Rob

  54. Rob Taylor on September 8th, 2010 1:51 pm

    No problem.

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